Liberal “star candidate” Tamara Taggart verbally attacks former MP and Conservative candidate Wai Young in public.

September 30, 2019





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September 30th, 2019

Liberal “star candidate” Tamara Taggart verbally attacks former MP and Conservative candidate Wai Young in public. 

VANCOUVER, British Columbia - Former CTV weather announcer and anchor Tamara Taggart let loose a verbal torrent against veteran politician Wai Young, the Conservative candidate for Vancouver South, at a campaign event in a public place on Sunday.

Conservative Young, the former Member of Parliament for Vancouver South between 2011-2015, was at Vancouver's Ross Street Temple where the very real likelihood of a federal Liberal capital gains tax on Canadians’ principal residences was discussed. 

Taggart, running for the Liberal Party in Vancouver Kingsway, aggressively approached Young and made loud allegations. Taggart yelled at Young: "Why are you lying to these people?" she asked about the largely South Asian audience, before being restrained by her handlers and then removed from the group of community leaders clustered around Young. 

Her handlers moved her to a corner and sat her down.

Taggart's handlers later apologized to Young for Taggart's behaviour. 

"It was unpleasant for those present and highly unprofessional of her, particularly since she was a guest. It was clear to all that this candidate can’t cope with the pressures and rigours of a campaign, and she had no sense of what is appropriate for time and place. Maybe some type of anger-management training would help her.”

“I really don't know why she was so emotional,” Young added. “Everyone understands what a $20 billion annual Liberal deficit will result in – higher taxes. How else could a Liberal government pay for their out-of-control spending? This should be a serious concern to all Canadians who are working hard to make ends meet, because the Liberals have made life so unaffordable, especially in expensive cities like Vancouver.”

Young said: "It's a fact that in 2016, under this Trudeau government the Canada Revenue Agency suddenly demanded that we must report the profit from the sale our principal residence - for the first time in Canadian history. ( If the Liberals aren't secretly planning to make it taxable, why would they demand this new information in such a sneaky fashion? Then last December, they circulated an internal Liberal policy paper on Liberal Member of Parliament letterhead recommending a new capital gains tax on principal residences." 

Liberal Party Capital Gain ProposalInternal Document: Liberal Party Capital Gain Proposal

"I have been a Member of Parliament, I have also worked for over 35 years in both provincial and federal government, and I have developed and implemented a wide range of policy for all levels of government in Canada. This is how policy is developed, and voters need to know before they go to the polls on October 21st." 



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