Wai Young Fights For Seniors Centre in Vancouver South

October 16, 2019

Wai Young Fights for Seniors Centre in Vancouver South 

October 16th, 2019


Vancouver, British Columbia- Conservative Candidate Wai Young vows to deliver the much needed Sunset Seniors Centre to Vancouver South as Liberal MP Harjit Sajjan fails to deliver the long-promised facility during his term. 

“One of my proudest achievements as Vancouver South’s MP being able to champion and deliver the funds for a Killarney Seniors Centre, after 18 years of Liberal inaction.” Says Young. “This time, I hope to deliver the Sunset Seniors Centre. The seniors in Sunset have been advocating for this for many years, and despite their current MP promising to deliver, the project continues to be delayed.”  

As the Vancouver South population ages, the need for seniors facilities has increased. Despite the construction of the Killarney Seniors’ Centre in 2017, the seniors in Vancouver South continue to be underserved. 

“It’s clear that seniors have never been a priority for Justin Trudeau’s government.” Continues Young. “It took them three years to even appoint a minister responsible for seniors. I have tremendous respect for our seniors who have dedicated their lives to building our great country and our neighourhood. It’s time we look after them and invest in initiatives like the Sunset Seniors Centre.””  

In addition to the Sunset Seniors Centre, Wai Young and Andrew Scheer commit to making seniors’ lives more affordable by: 

  •     Introducing a Seniors Tax Cut 
  •     Providing a Universal Tax Cut that also applies to pension income 
  •     Scrapping the Carbon Tax 
  •     Taking the GST off of home-heating 
  •     Leaving more money in their pockets so they can easily do things like visiting their grandkids or enjoying a trip away from home